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Emily Ratajkowski to Launch New Podcast ‘High Low with EmRata’

Emily Ratajkowski, the model and bestselling author of essay collection My Body, is ready to add “podcast host” to her resumé. High Low with EmRata, which Ratajkowski describes as “‘Call Her Daddy’ meets ‘Fresh Air'”, will launch Tuesday, November 1.

“I decided I wanted to write the book before I ever would even think about a podcast, but it’s sort of a natural progression for me”, the 31 year-old tells Variety exclusively. “I’m very excited about producing the show and doing it in my own way”.

Launching in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, High Low with EmRata will release two episodes a week plus a bonus episode for subscribers only. The two main episodes will consist of one guest interview and one “themed” episode that Ratajkowski describes as “a monologue” more in the vein of her essays. “I grew up listening to NPR and radio because we didn’t have television… Ira Glass was my hero”, she continues. “To be able to dive into topics that I’m interested in, in this format is so exciting”. The range of topics Ratajkowski hopes to tackle include feminism, pop culture, self-image, relationships, and “cultural moments” that encompass all the above. “I don’t want the show to at all feel pretentious, but I want to be talking about things that I find interesting and important”, she says, citing interviewer influences ranging from Terry Gross to Howard Stern.

Ratajkowski also hopes to bring in her own experience as an interview subject to keep the conversations she’s now moderating lively. “I did so many podcasts when the book came out in hardcover, and I learned a lot”, she says. “There’s people who interview and there’s people who listen and have conversations. That’s the thing I feel the most anxious about. I’m so used to sitting on one side of it, but I know what I want from these conversations”.

High Low with EmRata is produced by Ratajkowski and Sony Music Entertainment’s Somethin’ Else. The executive producer is Serita Wesley, producer is Chelsea Jacobson and associate producer is Rachel Chodor.

Source : variety.com