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Nov 2018
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Bazaar sits down with former cover star Emily Ratajkowski to chat beauty, body image and being the face of Paco Rabanne’s new XS fragrance. Who is the Paco Rabanne woman in your eyes? A really timeless, powerful woman who is super smart and capable of being in any situation, but also doesn’t take anything too seriously. What attracted you to work with the brand? Paco Rabanne is a brand that

Nov 2018
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You know Emily Ratajkowski. You’ve seen her, first grinding her way through the Blurred Lines video, and since, in her thong on Instagram or bra-less at the Kavanaugh hearings—the latter about which, everyone had a comment to make. Somehow, the model-turned-actress has become the polarizing face of feminism in the fashion industry. But when I sit down with the 27-year-old, her philosophy about politics seems pretty simple to me: all