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Apr 2017
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1 – Rihanna
2 – Emily Ratajkowski
No need to present her. She’s one of the girls you’re most talked about. Emily Ratajkowski, a pretty face and maddening measurements, is only a slightly dressed mannequin among many others. She could have, like Kate Upton or Charlotte McKinney, last only one season. But Emily, 25, has convinced as an actress in Gone Girl (in 2014). And by advocating a form of neo-feminism on Instagram, the-girl-in-name-unpronounceable has proved intelligent, engaged and prickly. She should therefore squatter our unconscious for a long time. And we will not complain.
3 – Bella Hadid
4 – Laetitia Casta
5 – Mila Kunis
6 – Eva Mendes
7 – Jennifer Lopez
8 – Gigi Hadid
9 – Jessica Chastain
10 – Beyoncé